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Alpha Channel Sunscreens

Alpha Channel Sunscreens

The premium straight drop option


The Alpha Channel Sunscreen is a premium and versatile straight drop option, offering sun protection, insect resistance, light and heat control, and is suitable for high-wind applications. Ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies. 

Note: Clear PVC is not available for this option.

The Alpha Series is covered by our comprehensive 5 Year Warranty.

Our Options

Patented "Floating Channel" System

The fabric in the screen is tensioned by utilising a patented floating channel. The floating channel creates installation flexibility, as the fabric can “float” within the side channel and accommodate some out of square mounting surfaces and fabric shrinkages. This will move with the wind and take strain off the welds and joins in the fabric. Clever sound bumpers have been incorporated into the floating channel to minimise noise when operating or in windy conditions.

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