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Alpha Straight Drop Sunscreen System

Alpha External Screens

Traditional design specifically made for New Zealand conditions


The Alpha Straight Drop sunscreen is a traditional design specifically made for New Zealand conditions, including high wind situations. With a wide range of material and fabric options to best suit the outdoor aesthetic of your home.

This sunscreen model uses no guides. Instead, the screen is strapped down to a railing or floor without additional fabrication requirements. The absence of side channels or cable guides make it an ideal product for those looking to add external sun protection to their home, with the greatest flexibility of installation.

The Alpha Series is covered by our comprehensive 5 Year Warranty.

Our Options

Flexible installation

A key focus for all Weathermaster external sunscreens is easy and flexible installation. All sunscreens share the same headbox/open roller installation procedure, with individual screen systems each having their own unique process for installing the guiding method.

The Alpha Straight Drop Sunscreen is an especially easy sunscreen to install – for the strap down and locking bolt options, secure breeching staples in appropriate location to ensure the locking mechanism can engage.

Automation Options

Automation options are available for all Alpha External screens. Utilising a hand-held remote or wall switch and incorporating the latest automatic tensioning motor that allows for the screen to be locked in position prior to tensioning.

Optional Locking Bolt

Locking Bolts can be used to secure the external screen at the ends of the bottom rail. With the straight drop external screen, locking bolts can be used to secure to side or to the ground. 

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