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Timber Venetian Blinds

Weathermaster Timber Venetian Blinds

The practically of Venetian Blinds and the natural beauty of timber


Natural wooden slats crafted into premium window shades - Timber Venetian Blinds are sourced from plantation grown resource so no native forestry is impacted. Whether your architecture is contemporary or traditional, Timber Venetians give your home a relaxed ambience that never goes out of fashion.

*Available in 50mm slats.

Our Options

Premium timber

Timber is selected from premium mills, then crafted and stained or painted. Only plantation grown timber is used for Weathermaster® Timber Venetians.

Long-term view

You can be confident that you’re taking the long-term view for your home and the planet with Weathermaster® Timber Venetian Blinds. The lacquered timber finishes are UV resistant, demonstrating little change in colour after five years in the New Zealand sun. Timbers used are all from renewable resource managed forests.

Special shapes

Timber Venetian Blinds can be made to fit windows and doors that are unusually shaped, i.e. sloping top (Max slope 45° - limited lift) or sloping bottom (Tilt only).

Easy care

Simply dust your timber venetians weekly with a feather duster or use the vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Professional cleaning is recommended annually.

Highly durable

Manually operated and motorised products have been cycle tested to ensure longevity over many years of operation.

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