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Vertical Blinds

Weathermaster Vertical Blinds

A stylish, contemporary and practical option for most windows


Weathermaster Vertical Blinds are a practical option for most windows where a stylish and contemporary look is desired. The E.O.S Track System is the most flexible available and suitable for a wide range of applications, including large, sloping and irregularly shaped windows.

The E.O.S Track System features a patented ‘self-alignment’ mechanism that ensures the fabric vanes are always equally spaced and guaranteed to hang straight and parallel, regardless of window shape. This capability, combined with the wide range of fabrics available from light filtering to blockout make vertical blinds ideal for a range of applications.

Our Options

Stacking options

Vertical Blinds offer a number of different stack options which allows them to work in almost any room. These include left & right stack, split stack and centre stack.

Light control

By adjusting the blades you can have exactly the amount of light and privacy control you need. 200° closure ensures complete Blockout for night-time. 

Easy care and cleaning

Cleaning requirements are minimal because Vertical Blades don't provide 'shelves' for dust. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all that's needed.

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